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This is one of the best songs on Jeezy’s TM103 (“SupaFreak” being one of my other favorites). Congrats to Jeezy for going gold though. I swore up and down that his career was over. But I was wrong (word to Nanci O).

5 Responses to “Young Jeezy feat. Future – “Way Too Gone” (Video)”

  1. ey_iStayFresh

    Mediocre video but just hearing this song gets me hype! Still think he could have done w/o the Future verse :/

  2. Nanci O


  3. Sly

    jeezy look a lot different.

  4. Sly

    when i pulled it up that YG video popped up under the “young jeezy” title lol. good now though.

    yeah future’s presence was unnecessary. this one pretty solid, minus future. i was disappointed with the album though.

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Nobody likes Future?????

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