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I’ve been trying to keep this young lady off of The Block until the right time, but I guess I can give you all a glimpse of things to come.

Long story short, this PYT from Charleston, SC is dope, and I’m just going to leave it at that. Lexa L’Terra. Remember the name… And Stay tuned.

(And shouts out to Righchus).

6 Responses to “This Girl Is Going To Be a Problem…”

  1. ey_iStayFresh

    Ohhhh shuttt #GeecheeVoice

    Totally wasnt expecting this before I hit play. DOPE

  2. KJ

    Yup. Can I get an autograph before she blows up!?!

  3. KJ

    Wait, did she just say “GaRHEAD, GaRHEAD, that’s Alex and she red”?–I’m officially a fan HAHA

  4. Randy Exclusive

    I’m trying to warm y’all. Ha!

  5. Jay Jay

    damn! *finds her vids*

  6. akshun

    oh yeah..yeah!!

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