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I wasn’t going to post this video, mainly because I don’t like to condone violence, but it’s already all over the web, so f*ck it.

But anyways, if you haven’t heard the news, NYC radio personality and my SC brethen Charlamagne Tha God was almost jumped by five goons on his way to work early Tuesday morning. Luckily for C. Tha God, as he put it, his “agility is a 99 on Madden,” and he was able to slidestep the hell up outta there before he caught a L.

Charlamagne is the homie, and this sh-t ain’t funny. But I had to chuckle because if you watch the video, it looks like Charlamagne’s initially wanted to turn around and fight, but then he saw five n*ggas running up on him, and one of them had a camera, Tha God was like, “yall ain’t gonna WorldStar me!”

I’m not mad at Charlamagne for running. Ain’t no reason to be Superman and take on 5 clowns by yourself. That would just be stupid. I know dude runs his mouth, has a few “beefs” out there (Funk Flex, Busta Rhymes), but them nuccas are still p*ssy for trying to jump a nucca…

Be safe out in them NYC streets C. Tha God. Keep winning.

Charlamagne speaks on the situation in a video posted below.

3 Responses to “5 Goons Tried To Jump Tha God…”

  1. ey_iStayFresh

    Yea he did turn around and to square up on those boys for a quick second before he saw the numbers werent in his favor. You gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em sometimes

  2. Nanci O

    You know you’re winning when people you don’t even know want to try & kick your a$$ for having favor!!

  3. Randy Exclusive

    This is just making him even more famous

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