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Now here’s a song I hold near and dear to my heart…

“Fever” is the first song off of the upcoming Sam King compilation Iconic. And for those that don’t know, Sam King is a producer and my business partner in a multimedia/production/management company that we founded called Million Dollar Dreamz.

This song serves a lot of purposes, because not alone is it the first single off of an upcoming MDD project, it’s produced by Sam King and features only MDD artists.

This is the first song Righchus ever recorded when he started working with us, it’s the first time people have heard MDD songwriter/producer Kodak rap, this is the first we’ve heard from warrenJae in awhile, and as for Lexa L’Terra, this is the first song she ever recorded, period.

People have been waiting to hear a Lexa L’Terra song ever since I posted a video of her rapping…well, here you go.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Million Dollar Militia. I hope you guys dig it:

Sam King feat. warrenJae, Righchus, Kodak & Lexa L’Terra – “Fever (Million Dollar Militia)” (Produced by Sam King)

Sam King’s Iconic drops in August. Righchus’ Black Cradles, July 25th. warrenJae’s The Flames EP, this September. Lexa L’Terra, The Gina Montana Story, this winter. MDD.

7 Responses to “Sam King feat. warrenJae, Righchus, Kodak & Lexa L’Terra – “Fever (Million Dollar Militia)””

  1. Troy Richardson

    wheeewww… That’s that heat!!! #Salute the MDD fam..

  2. Nanci O

    Pump it.

  3. Tawana Tee

    yeaahhhhh, Lexa.

  4. akshun

    yeah i like this

  5. kashkastro

    wooohh… tough!!! ipod music RIGHT NOW…. keep it comin

  6. steelz4ever

    Now this is dope! Good to hear Warren too! Salute

  7. Randy Exclusive

    “Fever” brought Steelz outta hiding! What’s good homie. ha!

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