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R&B Tizzy is in the house folks. Yall know I fux with this nucca Mantiz, and his R&B music rides just as tough has his Rap music. Rock with him:

First off… YES this me singing… NO there’s not any AutoTune… YES I wrote this… NO it isn’t based on any true events. I really tried my hand at songwriting… I don’t believe it’s my strongest asset. But all my close friends that have mastered the songwriting attribute have all given me their approval…

I remember when I first played this record for my homie Dondada and he was almost tearfully proud. I guess coming from a well-known songwriter that’s a great accomplishment. I’d like to think so. But I got the idea from Marsha Ambrosius. Most people have faced a scenario like this… Don’t judge me, judge TV…

I want your iPod.


The Preface II is due on November 6th.

Mantiz – “Have To Know” (prod. Mantiz)

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