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Back when I first started out in journalism, Lil Ru and Collardgreen were two of the first people I ever interviewed. Back then I was running a magazine out of Charleston, SC called Urban Pages, and Ru and Green had a few hits on the radio in Columbia (at the same damn time), and they were pretty much topnotch in terms of rappers in SC.

Since then, it’s been kinda crazy watching their relationship. I interviewed them both together for AllHipHop, fast forward a couple years later, Lil Ru had his Def Jam deal, and Collardgreen didn’t fux with that nucca at all. For those that remember the story, I’m not going into all the details, all I remember is nuccas saying Lil Ru couldn’t comeback to SC…sh*t was kinda crazy.

Anyways, whatever beef Ru had with Green and other cats in SC (who will remain nameless), seems to be over, and this Truth & Answer Volume 3 tape is a testament to that. It’s good to see these two back together though, and if you guys check the tape it’s pretty cool. Enjoy. (Shouts out to Nine Mill and the rest of Head Hunter, too).

Mixtape Download: Lil Ru & Collardgreen – Truth & Answer 3 | Datpiff Link


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