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Righchus’ long-awaited Black Cradles project is finally here. Shout out to the whole S.W.I.M. Team and Million Dollar Dreamz. for this one. Enjoy.

Download: Righchus – Black Cradles

Tracklist is after the jump.

Black Cradles Tracklist:

1. Mussolini (prod. by Max Berry)
2. The Fly feat. Benjamin Starr (prod. by Max Berry)
3. Still Ridin (prod. by Clams Casino)
4. Look Out Below feat. Vinny Cha$e & Benjamin Starr (prod. by Johnny Juliano)
5. Calculators feat. Kodak & aColorWar (prod. by Sam King)
6. Bossin’ (prod. by Johnny Juliano)
7. Campaign feat. Kodak & Lexa L’Terra (prod. by Sam King)
8. Been Gone feat. warrenJae, Jus Nice & Stranger Day (prod. by Djay Cas)
9. Sanctuary (prod. by Max Berry)
10. F.O.O. (prod. by Djay Cas)
11. Strokers Row (prod. by Max Berry)
12. The Life feat. Ben Fagan (prod. by Mykal Star)
13. PluTOH (Trayvon Oscar Henry) feat. aColorWar (prod. by Sam King)

Executive Producers:
Righchus & Benjamin “Max” Berry
A&R: Randy Roper
Mix/Master: Benjamin “Max”Berry, Stefan “Euphoria Musik” Wallace
Artwork: Fletcher Williams III
PR: Tawana Tolbert
Marketing/Promotions: S.W.I.M. Team/Million Dollar Dreamz.

4 Responses to “Righchus – Black Cradles (Mixtape)”

  1. ey_iStayFresh

    The drought is finally over!!

  2. akshun

    i dl’d last night. i’m gonna peep it today

  3. Rich

    By far his dopest project, and thats saying alot with the other 2 being great.. Proud of the kid. #Salute #MDD/S.W.I.M Team

  4. Writer's Block Media

    [...] been on somewhat of a hiatus since we released Black Cradles. Between the physical and mental energy involved in working with an artist, and the work involved [...]

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