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April 5th, 2009


I just copped this t-shirt, and I’m looking forward to rockin’ it. I go hard with the graphic tees.

March 23rd, 2009


Good Monday to ya, and I hope everyone had a good weekend. I want to start this week on The Block by shouting out my people over at the Brown Derby Haberdashery. BDH is a clothing line down in my hometown, Charleston, SC, that specializes in graphic tees, and ya’ll know polos and graphics tees are all I really fuxs with. The homies KJ and ChuckT are regular Block readers, and they run is over at Brown Derby, too.

They actually just dropped some tees for women, so I’m encourage ladies to cop some shirts from my peeps. Their men’s shirts are pretty cool, too. They sent me a couple shirts awhile back, but they didn’t send me the Mannie & Weezy & Juvie & Turk & B.G. shirt; that one is the hotness but beggers can’t be choosers.

But I do rock with this dudes. Their blog is pretty cool, and they interviewed me last year, too. So, I have to return the love that they’ve shown me, and The Block over the years. I’m gonna cop a couple shirts for the summer, too. I rocks the ish, ya’ll nuccas ain’t up on yet.

I’m gonna go ahead and say this, I think Young Dro is stealing my “swag.” No homo. Ok, nah, I’m just bullsh!ttin’. I fux with Dro’s music a lot, and from one Polo connoisseur to another, the nucca’s dress game is proper (no homo again, just in case). I respect dude because he’s not afraid to throw on a button-up and rock a sweater vest over it, and shine on nuccas. It’s not very common in hip-hop for nuccas to get fresh like that.

I was at an event a few weeks ago and the homie Wes Fif said to me, “You can tell you’re not from Atlanta. You dress weird as hell.”

Weird…nucca please, all I wear is Polo. I told Fif I dressed better than him, and he replied by saying, “you be clean. In a nerdy, South Carolina alumni kinda way.” Sh!t, that’s sounds fresh to me.

Anyways, I’m not gonna go around saying I have “black boy swag, white boy tags.” Why it gotta be some “white boy” sh!t if a nucca wants to rock a polo? Does it have to be “white boy” if I shop at American Eagle? I’m a grown azz man, dawg. I ain’t rockin’ no XXXL t-shirts.  I’m just sayin’, “your white tee, well, to me looks like a nightgown. Make your mama proud, take that thing two sizes down,” and Andre 3000 said that.

Sh!t, I have on a polo shirt right now. I had one on yesterday, too. Oh well, “another day another polo,” is what I say. And if it’s not polo I’m wearing, it’s Sixteen Seventy, and that line is fresh as hell, too. Ain’t no sense in giving Ralph Lauren all the money. Gotta support my nuccas doing it, too. Ya’ll nuccas need to step your fashion game up in ’09.

December 4th, 2008


Anybody that knows your boy, knows that I’m a Polo fanatic. Actually, one of my favorite sayings is “another day, another Polo.” Yeah, most of the time I’m wearing “something with the emblem that bears the stallion” (c) Malice said that on “Wamp Wamp.” Just something about that Ralph Lauren makes a nucca feel fresh when you stop outta the house, you know, and I love to stay fresh.

Anyways, I was riding in the car the other day and I heard this song on the radio (don’t ask why I was listening to the radio in the first place), and it went something like, “P-O-L-O, all I wear is Polo.” Man, I couldn’t help but jam to that. Sh!t, that’s me, that’s me. I wear Polo.

I didn’t get the name of the artist that sung the song. I mean, that song wasn’t hot, by any means, but the fact that I could relate to it had me gassed. So, I asked some of my DJ peeps, a couple of them had heard of it, none of them knew who’s song it was, and none of them had it.

My dude DJ Teknikz did find out who’s song it was, and a minute ago I stumbled across it on Myspace. The song is called “Polo” by Jay & Dre City, and it features Juney Boomdata, who is the guy that sings “Wuz Up Wit Dat Cookie.” (SMH @ “Wuz Up Wit Dat Cookie”).

The song is basically some Atlanta sh!t, and I don’t expect everyone to feel me on this track. A lot of nuccas don’t got swagger like me, so they can’t relate. I kid, I kid. But my Polo wearing nuccas out there, ya’ll feel me.

Jay & Dre City ft. Juney Boomdata – Polo


A lot of yous expressed interest in the “Pardon My Cockiness” t-shirts that I posted on The Block a couple weeks ago. So, the homie Charlamagne Tha God and PovertysThread sent some shirts for me to give away to my readers. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m giving six shirts away to the first six readers that commented first on my initial post about the shirts.

The readers are:

Young Hef

Mic Skillz

Chuck T

DJ Kryptonite

Ill Will

KJ, but you said you wouldn’t wear a shirt referencing USC


I need these 6 readers to email me at with your mailing address, and I’ll get these shirts sent off to you asap.

You all can thank Charlamagne Tha God, Poverty’s Thread and Stupid Dope Clothing. And remember, South Crack: The Album is in stores and online August 19th.



A lot of my Carolina kinfolks expressed interest in these Pardon My Cockiness t-shirts. So, here’s the link to purchase them.

Pardon My Cockiness t-shirt available @

The site only has XL and up, but I have a L, so anyone looking for a L or smaller might wanna email them at

Shouts out to Charlamagne Tha God and Stupid Dope Moves for getting these made. South Crack The Album in stores and online August 19th.

If you know the boy R.E., my whole style of dress is kinda preppy/school boyish. Most of the time you’ll catch me rockin’ something with the emblem bearing the stallion. If not that, then you’ll see me with a t-shirt that has a random praise or statement on it. But if I’m not wearing one of those two things, I like to support my dude Troy Gathers and his clothing line called Sixteen Seventy. Troy is from my hometown and he’s been doing his thing with his clothing line for a minute, and his line is one of my favorites.

Check the video and for more information, visit


Ok, so I’m starting a new campaign beginning today called “Love Is For Suckers.” It’s kinda like when Diddy was running around screaming “Vote or Die” but with my campaign you don’t have to vote or anything. It’s more like a philosophy that everyone should adopt and implement into their daily lives. Basically, I’ve decided to live the rest of my life with the “Love Is For Suckers” philosophy and a “It’s Not Me, It’s You” mentality. See, the premise of this campaign is simple…girls are stupid (word to Pink). And it’s not me nor has it ever been me, so I no longer waste time on making relationships work.

You see, I’ve fallen victim to the okey doke and when I do, I usually end up looking like this. But ever since making this change in my mind state I’ve been looking more like this and I’d advise anyone that’s ever been sick of love songs to join the movement. Nowadays, if a chick tries to get close to me I do the heismen on that hoe promiscuous girl, tell her I can’t do it and that “it’s not me, it’s you.”

I really don’t have the time for the “L-word.” There’s too much involved with it. It’s an up and down roller coast ride without a seatbelt, full of unneeded feelings and emotions. And the problems that arise when things start getting rocky really aren’t what’s up. Can you imagine having a baby with some stupid heffa, getting married and when things don’t work out she walks away with half? Nah, Jay-Z and Beyonce can miss me with that bullshit (Word to Russell and Kimora). Not to mention the dangers involved when one falls in love, you know people actually get killed over that shit.

Yep, R.E. is a fuxing mess right about now. It’s not that I’ll never travel down that yellow brick road but it might have to be one of these 10 women that makes me better and then she’ll have to work with me like Musiq.

I think this whole thing started because I have friends and ex-girls, around my age having babies and getting married and that scares the shit outta me. So in order to combat this settling down phenomenon that’s terrorizing us ’80s baby (ya’ll know how high the divorce rates are right?), I’m encouraging everyone to join the “Love Is For Suckers” Campaign.

I’ve seen a few people rocking T-shirts around the A, so that lets me know the movement is spreading. If you hurry, you can prolly cop one of the shirts from for about $10 (what, I hope you didn’t think I was gonna give them away or something) and join the revolution.

With this mind frame, I’ll never fall for the okey doke again and I’ll prolly die as a bitter old man in Magic City, making it rain with my retirement money. But that beats having one of you heffas blow my cash after I go.

April 4th, 2007


Anyone that’s knows the boy R.E. knows that I’m a Polo fanatic. If you look in my closet I have at least one Polo shirt to rock everyday for at least 3 months without rewearing anything (secretly, me and my LB, Young Hef, are in a competition but he has me beat…Nucca, I got mortgages. Do you know how much that Purple label stuff costs?). Anyways, sometimes I like to change things up. I met my Charleston homie Troy Gathers last year, who started his own clothing line called Sixteen Seventy a few years back and since then, when I’m not rocking something with a stallion on it, I’m usually rocking something Sixteen Seventy. Sixteen Seventy is a brand that represents the history of my hometown Charleston, SC (as evidence in the brand’s name being the year Charleston was founded) and R.E. is a big fan. I’ve been rocking Sixteen Seventy for about a year now but I just learned the bird on the shirt is a Herring gull which are prevalent in the Lowcounty (ish, I thought it was a seagull myself, those birds be deep in the Chuck, too).

But don’t get it twisted, Sixteen Seventy is no Izod or Chaps (which no one should be rocking in 2007). Troy has his Sixteen Seventy business together. Troy has actor Frantz St. Louis on board as an official endorser and last year Sixteen Seventy sponsored Big Tigger’s wardrobe for an episode of BET’s 106 & Park (hi, haters).


It might take awhile for me to build up a massive Sixteen Seventy collection but I’m working on it (I need that yellow/pink one, Troy. I got some Ice Creams that go with it).

Most importantly, Sixteen Seventy has been around for a couple years now but the brand won’t officially be launched to the public until April 17th (but I got mines cause I’m exclusive like that), then you’ll be able to find Sixteen Seventy in stores all around the Carolinas.

There’s a Sixteen Seventy Ladies collection as well. I remember coppin’ wifie a pink tee awhile back but when we broke up I traded her ish for a Sixteen Seventy T-shirt or something.

So the moral of this story is, if you wanna be fly like R.E. it’s gonna take more than a Sixteen Seventy polo shirt, but it’s a start. Wipe me down, Troy.

Log on to Sixteen Seventy Dot Com for more information.