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Here’s a behind the scenes video (courtesy of Buck TV) of my brother, celebrity photographer and Million Dollar Dreamer, Clevis Harrison, on his grind with South Carolina’s most talked about new rap artist Sadie Hawkins. I don’t have to see the pictures to know that they came out dope, but if you need to see for yourself, I posted up one of the images below, and I’m sure you’ll see more of them when they’re ready. Sadie Hawkins’ Who The F*ck Is Sadie Hawkins? EP is coming soon. SC all day.

It took me most of the day, but I finally got photos from the 2010 South Carolina Music Awards (courtesy of my brother Clevis Harrison), up on the site. The link below will take you to the photo gallery. Now, I’m going to work on getting my hands on a list of award winners and I’ll post that up next. SC all day. Photo Gallery: 2010 South Carolina Music Awards

My girl Dear Jasmine posted a few pics from a recent photo shoot to Twitter, so for all you nuccas that have been thirsting for a fix of Jasmine Sanders ever since you saw her in “Dear Jasmine,” this one is for you. Hit the cut…and thank me later…

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As my true Block readers already know, Two Fifty Video and Million Dollar Dreamz shot a video for warrenJae’s “Dear Jasmine,” starring the lovely Jasmine Sanders, long before all this Chris Brown ish started hitting the blogs. We’ll probably premiere the video later this week, but I decided to post some still shots, so you all can get a sneak peek of what’s to come. Bank! did his thing on this one. More pics are underneath.

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Earlier this week Drake had a show in Charlotte, NC, and my brother Cleve checked it out to, as he would say, “document and tell the story.” If you’re a Block regular, you already know how Cleve does. And he sent over a few pics to share with you all. So hit the jump for some more pictures, and you can always visit to see more of his work.

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Yesterday, the homie Boss G put on for the state of South Carolina in a major way for his “Hobby” video shoot. Yesterday’s shoot was, in my opinion, the most professional set up any rap artist from South Carolina has ever put together, and you have to applaud this man for his grind work. Boss had the all the essentials of a rap video shoot: A professional camera crew, a director (what up $5), foreign cars, a make-up artist, refreshments, goons an entourage and most importantly, the video hoes promiscuous models. But all in all, the homie did his thing, and I can’t wait to see how the video turns out (so I can show my mama my cameo).

For anyone that missed it, my brother Clevis took a gang of behind the scenes pics, and you can view those on his website And was again, shouts to Boss G, Boss Lady, 5 Dollaz, and everyone else involved in this epic SC event. Boss G “Hobby” Video Shoot

Boss G – “Hobby”

This past weekend, Two Fifty Video & Million Dollar Dreamz shot visuals for warrenJae’s “Dear Jasmine,” starring the beautiful fashion model Jasmine Sanders. My brother Clevis Harrison let loose of a few photos from the shoot, and I guarantee the video will be as dope as Clevis’ photos, because that’s just how we do at MDD. We’ll probably drop the video in about a week or so, but it’s a pretty good feeling when I can say, “hey, lets shoot a video for Dear Jasmine” (sup, Steelz), and have it all come together. Ya’ll nuccas need to get your team together, because we can pretty much do whatever we think of at Million Dollar Dreamz.

warrenJae – “Dear Jasmine”

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Aight, I got my brother Clevis Harrison’s pictures from T.I.’s “I’m Back” video shoot. This is a Clevis Harrison & Million Dollar Dreamz exclusive right here. Hit the jump for it. (And don’t try to crop his watermark either).

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So, on Saturday, the young homie Jus Nice, who is now sponsored by Cavi Clothing, had a photoshoot with my brother-from-another and MDD team member Clevis Harrison. I stopped through for a minute, but I had my shawty with me and after them nuccas brought out the models, I couldn’t stick around much longer cause I ain’t want nooooooooo problems with my lady friend if I happened to looked at one of them chicks the wrong way (I’m just saying).

Anyways, the second half of the shoot was at my dude Hannibal’s spot. I missed that part of the day, but it looks like them nuccas had a good shoot. I see ya’ll working. (Jah, what up). SC all day.

In Case You Missed It: Jus Nice – Karma (Mixtape)


Once again, welcome back to another week on The Block. So, DJ B-Lord’s birthday bash was this past weekend and after drinking a bunch of Happy Juice, I pretty much spent the rest of the weekend laying around, sleeping and watching football (which was a pretty good weekend in my book).

Since I don’t own anything more than a little Sony digital camera, plus the fact that I hate taking pictures, you guys can head over to my dude Clevis Harrison’s site to see some pics from the party (here).

Like always, B-Lord’s party was turnt up, and I still don’t understand how that dude can smoke, drink and then DJ his own party with his eyes half closed. But the party was crazy and that sh!t didn’t end until 4 am or so. Sorry if you missed it.

But if any of you are in SC this coming weekend, my birthday party is this Friday in Columbia, SC at Club Dreams. Daytona’s producing it, Frosty’s DJing, my nig GT is celebrating his birthday too. So, we’re gonna do it again for ya’ll.