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I don’t really know what Wayne is talking about but yeah…

October 8th, 2011

I apologize for the lack of updates on The Block the last couple days. I’ve been running around the A3C Hip-Hop Festival, catching shows, networking, moderating a panel and whatnot.

If you didn’t make it out, here’s a small taste of what went down on A3C Day 1, from the homies at The Smoking Section and Fadia Kader’s Perfect Attendance performance stage.

It’s not too late. A3C Day 3 goes down today…

Baddest pregnant chick in the game…

October 6th, 2011

J. Cole made his first national television appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel last night.

217k albums sold and the white people in the crowd still looking like “who is this guy?”

Cole’s “Work Out” performance is below.

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Fabolous has a new video about to drop and yeah, that’s old what’s her face if you’re wondering.

I have a confession, I never listened to Young Jeezy’s The Real Is Back 2. And I probably never will. If you heard one Jeezy mixtape, you’ve heard them all.

TM103 drops on Neveruary 32nd.

Lets us not forget that 9th Wonder put out a new album last week too. The Wonder Years is in stores now.

A thank you from J. Cole for making his debut the #1 album in the country. Cole World. Jay-Z Congratulates J. Cole for No. 1 Album

Believe it or not this guy and this guy aren’t the same person. Mayer Hawthorne’s How Do You Do drops on October 11th.

Pretty lightskin chick singing a R&B record…heard it all before but J. Cole’s on this so check it out. I have a feeling this is gonna be in radio rotation around the country pretty soon.