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I’m sure you all heard about this interview by now…sh*t gets real around the 19:00 minute mark, but Charlamagne was straight clowning her for the first 18 minutes. Watch it below.

I think because Angela Yee is a radio personality, people don’t get to see her as much and see ain’t on the cover of King Magazine like Ester Baxter or Amber Rose, a lot of people sleep on her. But Angela Yee is sexy. If this were a few years back, I would have been got the inside scoop from Charlamagne Tha God, but I ain’t thirsty like that nowadays…

Still, I don’t care what nobody says, Angela Yee is a bad chick.

And just to show off a little bit of her sexiness, Yee was featured in Pynk Magazine, where she also showed off her $70,000 shoe collection…that pretty much let me know that she might be a bit high maintenance for a regular Joe like myself, but hey, everybody gotta have dream (word to DeeJay).

Anyways, peep some more of Angie’s pics from her Pynk Mag shoot in the cut…

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The media is killing Lebron James this morning, including Charlamagne Tha God. The slander, disrespect and comedy in this is hilarious…

Here’s another webisode from the homie Charlamagne Tha God and his Breakfast Club Morning Show hooligans.

On a somewhat serious note, their interview with Kendrick Lamar is posted in the cut.

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I really want a “Hoes Be Winning” shirt. Man, these nuccas are funny.

Charlamagne and the Breakfast Club sat down for an interview with I’m still waiting on Charla to get back to me about my Illuminati application (he said he got me though). If you haven’t heard their morning show, the sh*t is great entertainment. Get up and listen to them when you can.

I’m about to give yall a quick rundown of what happened because I’m posting this at 1:30 am, and I’m tired, so I’m ready to go to bed. Nuccas that be like, “I don’t sleep, I’m up grinding” are idiots, and I actually like getting sleep at night. Anyways, DJ Mister Cee, who’s a personality and DJ on Hot 97 in New York was allegedly arrested after being caught with a male prostitute recently, so Charlamagne Tha God, being the asshole that he is, basically went in on Mister Cee on Monday morning during Charla’s Breakfast Club morning show with DJ Envy and Angela on Power 105.1 fm. (See the video above).

Later on Monday, Funk Master Flex, responded in defense of his colleague and friend, Mister Cee, and had this to say:

YouTube Preview Image

In response to Flex, Charlamagne in turn had this to say about Funk Flex on Tuesday morning:

As unbiased as I can be, Funk Flex got ethered. I doubt this is the last we’ll hear of this so-called “radio beef” so we’ll see what happens next. “What you gonna do when Flex Hogan runs wild on you!!!” That nucca Charlamagne is hilarious.

Charlamagne to Pusha T: “Those cornrows are stopping you from achieving absolute greatness…” One the low, this is might be one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever heard.