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September 23rd, 2011

Just 2 more weeks until the 7th annual A3C Festival (aka the largest hip-hop festival in the Southeast) goes down in Atlanta, GA…I just thought y’all should know that. More information is available at See some of you there.

Well, I’ll be damn. Freaknik (or Weaknik, as I’ve heard the term thrown around) really did go down in the A this weekend. Of course, I didn’t participate in the madness, but I heard small crowds did gather at a few spots, mainly Underground Atlanta and the pictures are here to prove it. According to the news story (here) the heavy police presence pretty much kept everything to a minimum, but just the fact that these monkey ass nuccas actually gathered in Atlanta in the name of Freaknik is a SMH-moment all in itself. I think I saw a Freaknik gather late Saturday night at Waffle House in College Park. Well, that or there were a lot of hungry ass nuccas out on Saturday, more so than usual, but I’m guessing it was a combination of the both.

Judging by the number of people that actually made their way to Atlanta for Freaknik 2010, I’m predicting Freaknik 2011 will increase in numbers, and no matter how much police muscle the new Mayor Kasim Reed can put on overtime, the city of Atlanta won’t be able to do much about it. Regardless, I’m just gonna keep my Boule ass home, or take a trip to the Carolinas for that weekend. Sorry, I just don’t want no part of Freaknik.

The Boule’s version of Freaknik…the Greek picnic is June 16th – 20th. Now that’s what I’m talking about.


Grip Plyaz’s “F*ck Dat Hipster Sh*t” is the crunkest song in Atlanta in 2009 (in my opinion, of course). I gotta get one of these t-shirts. If you want one you can get it here.

Spotted @ Maurice’s crib.

Grip Plyaz – “F*ck Dat Hipster Sh*t”


November 9th, 2009


Another one off Pill’s 4075: The Refill mixtape. I can’t wait for that to hit on November 17th.

Pill – “Afro Sheen”


Remember when I told ya’ll about Grip Plyaz and the “F*ck Dat Hipster Sh*t” song a few months back. I promise you this is one of the crunkest ATL songs ever.

Shouts to the Motion Family homies for another dope video.

Download: Grip Plyaz – “F*ck Dat Hipster Sh*t”

October 1st, 2009


For all my people that’ll be in Atlanta this weekend, the A3C Festival starts today. A3C is an annual event that showcases H.E.R. (Hip Hop in its Essence is Real, for you slow nuccas). Basically, it’s going to be a weekend filled with the proverbial “real hip-hop” ish. And since I’m an ’80′s baby, your boy R.E. will be all up thru dere this weekend.

There are a lot of shows, panels, and different stuff going on, but the only thing I’m really concerned with is the Perfect Attendance event, presented by Fadia Kader and hosted by The Smoking Section. Their show, over the next 3 nights, has a lot of artists I want to see—J. Cole, Tanya Morgan, Kidz N The Hall, Mikkey Halsted, Curren$y, U-N-I, Big Pooh, Bobby Creekwater and a bunch of other people. There are other events going on, Rakim, B.o.B., Killer Mike (or Mike Bigga as he goes by now), Duck Down Records, and some other people are performing at some other venues, but I’d rather check the line up at the Perfect Attendance joint.

I actually went to A3C last year, and I must say, it was the best set of shows I’ve seen since I’ve been in Atlanta. I saw The Clipse, Wale, Blu, B.o.B., Little Brother, the Juice Crew and a bunch of other acts. I don’t really know how to describe it, all I can really say is, it was dope, so I’m really excited about this (and I don’t get excited about much).

So, if any of you wanna check this out. It’ll be going on all weekend on the East side of Atlanta. You can get more information on the A3C site here. Tickets are $15 a night or you can get passes for all 3 nights online for $33.

After the jump, I put up the lineup for the Perfect Attendance shows. I hope to see some of you all over there. And my girl Chasdizzy has a A3C mixtape posted on her site here. You can check that out as well.

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September 22nd, 2009


I didn’t really update The Block yesterday, so I had a couple people hit me thinking I might have been caught in the Atlanta flooding, but don’t worry, I’m ok. Since I had a long weekend in SC, I had a lot of catching up to do when I got back to the A, so I didn’t update yesterday and I didn’t even know the flooding was that bad. I actually have a homegirl and her neighborhood was so flooded she can’t leave her house because the main road in her hood is underwater. She’s been there about a couple days now, but she filled her bathtub with water and she has plenty food, so she should be ok for another day or two, you know, just in case this thing gets any uglier.

I haven’t come across any closed highways or anything, so I’m trying to figure out exactly where all the flooding is. But from what I read, it looks like most of the areas outside of the city have been hit hard, 5 people have died, including a 2-year-old that was swept out of his father’s hand (sad story), so I need to check on my people around ATL.

A lot of schools, interstates, and businesses are closed. Unfortunately, OZONE isn’t one of those businesses, so I’ll be in the office all day.

But the Georgia flooding made CNN headlines, and you can read the story here. And for those that hate to read, you can just watch the video below.


Tomorrow night one of the greatest rap groups to ever be assemble will reunite at the Masquerade Music Park right here in Atlanta, GA. Since the Goodie Mob is one of the most influential groups in Southern rap history, and they haven’t been together since Big Gipp, T-Mo and Khujo dropped an album without Cee-Lo called One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (I still find that title and album cover rather amusing). And then Cee-Lo went on to be pretty success dressing like gay guys and making emo music with the Danger Mouse character under the name Gnarls Barkley (but the split makes sense, I’m pretty sure Cee-Lo couldn’t convince the rest of Goodie Mob to dress in drag).

T-Mo, Big Gipp and Khujo have tried to make it solo, but they all have kinda sorta sucked without Cee-Lo. Big Gipp probably had the most hype when he was on that “Grillz” song and then had an album with dude from the St. Lunatics. But I think Gipp finally realized dude was a wack rapper, and he stopped hanging out with him. Gipp probably hopes we forgot about that, but naaaaahhhh, nucca, we ain’t forget.

But anyways, the show tomorrow is a really big deal. Unfortunately for me I won’t be able to make it (smh). I have to go home because one of my best friends is having an engagement party…(I mean, who plans an engagement party on the day Goodie Mob reunites, really?) And since I’m in the wedding I kinda should be there. For half a second I thought about skipping the engagement party for the Goodie show, (but I didn’t tell anyone that). But since my homeboy knows hip-hop is a big part of my life, he figured I’d be missing his engagement party for the concert (once again I’ll emphasize, I never told him that).

But one night he mentioned to his fiancee that I wasn’t gonna be there because of the concert, shawty looked at me like I pissed in her Cheerios and said, “You’re not coming to our engagement party because of a Goodie Mob concert?” And before I could even say “I never…,” she says, “You’re gonna miss our party for Gipp and his one leg?!?!?”

“That’s Khujo with the one leg, baby,” my homeboy said. But still I didn’t even tell them I wasn’t coming to their party (even though the thought might have crossed my mind a couple times), the whole conversation kinda caught me off ground, so I basically told her I wouldn’t miss their party for the world. It was either that or run the risk of getting shanked with a butter knife in a Waffehouse by a Bridezilla, and I just didn’t feel like taking that chance.

So, any of you heading to the show tomorrow night, I hope you all have fun for me. Take a lot of pictures and videos and I’ll just watch some clips on the net on Sunday.

Also, my man Maurice Garland wrote a story about the reunion, and you can read that here. And Goodie Mob was on Good Morning Atlanta the other day, and you can watch that here. I posted a promo video after the jump, and for more information and tickets for the show click here. (*Sighs*). Damn, it hurts me to miss this show, but I gotta ride for the homies. Like they said, one monkey don’t stop no show.

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September 16th, 2009

Here’s another video from Pill, that showcases the parts of Atlanta that I never go to, but it’s a good video, nevertheless. Pill is one of the best new rappers out there, and his new mixtape 4075: The Refil will be out soon to justify that statement.

If You Want The MP3: Pill – “Glass”

Shouts out to the homie Sean Falyon. This sounds like a song for nuccas that like to beat raw.







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