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Block readers should be familiar with the homie KJ Kearney from by now. And in my opinion, KJ has done more for Southern streetwear and Charleston hip-hop than anyone I know, and it’s cool to see him grow and make a name for himself firsthand.

Well, KJ recently added another conquest to his growing resume as a columnist for Charleston’s alternative-news weekly paper/website the Charleston Scene.

From one writer/journalist to another, I have to tip my cap to KJ. Being a columnist for a publication is a pretty distinguished title, and it’s just another of many moves Mr. Kearney is making down in the hometown. (Salute to you, sir).

You all can peep KJ’s first Charleston Scene column titled “Appreciate Hip-Hop Music, Culture In Charleston and Beyond” here.

Also, KJ is hosting an event in Charleston next week, and I posted the flyer in the cut for anyone interested in stepping out on the town for a good time.

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I meant to post this last week, but I was out of town. But KJ Kearney is the homie who runs the southern street wear blog He also launched a successful streetwear event in Charleston, SC this year called the Big Mix, which in a few years has the potential to be one of the biggest street wear events in the country.

KJ also started a hip-hop blog called that supports indie artists, so if I don’t fux with you on The Block, maybe KJ will at Hot Grits.

Also, KJ is responsible for making Charleston Riverdog hats cool…with a resume like that we had to interview him for our State of SC Hip Hop series.

Listen to his interview below:

State of SC Hip-Hop (Part 2) Interviews: LeLe | Boss G | Shera Bass

For this week’s episode of Where Is Hip Hop? with my girl Nanci O, Nanci let me give my list of overrated rappers. You might find a couple of your favorite rap artists on this list, and if you do, don’t get mad at me, that’s just how I feel. Take a listen.

February 28th, 2011

I’ve been rocking with my girl Nanci O for a couple years now…as yall know (or may not know), Nanci O and I have been doing these Where Is Hip Hop? segments for her North Carolina-based radio show for quite some time, and having the chance to do that and talk hip-hop with her week after week has been a pleasure. And I’ll tell you this much, Nanci O is a grinder, Nanci O a go-getter and Nanci O is Hip-Hop. And in redefining what the Nanci O brand is all about, N.O. has a few things lined up for this year, and to reintroduce herself, she’s releasing a promo video for anyone that every worried who is Nanci O and what her brand represents. The video posted above is just the trailer, but that joint has Nanci looking like a star. The full video will be out soon, but believe you’ll hear more about Nanci O in 2011.

First of all, as I type this, Righchus’ new mixtape Sweetgrass & Supras is sitting over 700 downloads, Top 8 and a spotlighted mixtape on, and that’s pretty damn impressive. If you don’t know by now, I don’t even know why you’re on this site Righchus is a rapper out of my hometown, Charleston, SC, that’s doing pretty well independently. Actually, Righchus is probably my favorite rapper from back home, and that’s mainly because he makes good music without hustlin” & headbustin’, especially since I’ve never hustled or headbusted anyone, so I can relate to him.

So, my dude KJ, whose blog H1gher Learning is blowing up by the daily, did this pretty cool video interview with Righchus (I see you’re still trying to make me step up my video game, huh, KJ?). If you’re still not familiar with Righchus, this interview will give you a better idea about what the kid is about. It’s funny because I cover Carolina hip-hop heavily, and I always mention Righchus when I talk SC hip-hop, but he’s still the most slept on artist in the state. Not that it really matters cause he’s still doing his numbers, I’m just sayin’, the dude is outworking a lot of people and he doesn’t get the recognition for it.

Anyways, peep the video posted above, download the mixtape, and also, he has a couple features by Charleston news outlets posted below. After that’s maybe you’ll understand why Righchus is #winning. A behind-the-scenes look at Righchus’ ‘Sweet’ new disc Righchus reveals an independent spirit

Shouts out to my dude KJ, who is probably the only blogger I know from back home that really goes hard everyday through his website and truly understands the power of the internet. And I secretly think he’s trying to force me to step my video game up, so I guess it’s about to for me to invest in a video camera, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways, here’s the H1gher Learning TV interview with the homie Jus Nice. I got hella respect for Jus Nice and his team. Just because I put his song up on Pump It or Dump It a long time ago, and I can honestly say I think he’s one of the few, if not the only artist that’s been featured on Pump It or Dump It that really went on to go hard. I’ve seen this dude’s grind and not only is the kid finishing up his college degree, he makes moves in the music business—new music, new mixtapes, traveling, doing shows, videos, you name it, he grinds. With that, I tip my hat to the young homie. Salute.

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Arrival interview #5. Last one. Thank Tasha once again, ya’ll.

Arrival interview #4. I posted a Tigo B video last week, so hopefully this interview if folks get familiar. Shouts to Tasha.

Arrival interview #3. Shouts to GT, Daytona and my Money Rich Music fam. GT’s “Tell Em” video, produced by Two Fifty Video will be out soon.

Previously: GT feat. DJ Sense & D-Ram – “I’m Bad” (Video)

Arrival interviews Part 2. Salute to SheBloggin.

Previously: Bettie Grind







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