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There’s a rumor going around that at a recent show in Charleston, SC, Gorilla Zoe actually said something like, “ain’t no real n*ggas in Charleston.” Being that North Charleston, South Carolina is annually on the most dangerous cities in America list, negroes in my hometown take pride in being “real” or ignorant (whichever way you want to see it). So I know quite a few people are kinda pissed about that rumored comment.

So, during an interview with Gorilla Zoe, my girl Tasha asked Zoe about those comments, in which he pretty much cleared that up by denying that he made the statement. You can take a listen to the interview below, but I seriously doubt Zoe would say something like that to a room full of dudes wearing Coogi.

Anyways, check the interview if you want to. But it’s really not that serious, so hopefully this is the last time we hear about this…

March 26th, 2011

If you were wondering, KJ Kearney and H1gher’s first annual Big Mix event for Charleston Fashion Week was a huge success last night. I’m not sure if KJ realizes this but he created a monster of an event that’s only going to get bigger and bigger every year. Congrats to KJ, and shout out to Khalid, Righchus, Suite Life Agency, DJ R Dot, Nanci O, Jus Nice, and anyone else that help create or supported this event. It was good times in the hometown, indeed.

Righchus’ performance is posted in the cut. Shout to Marcus Amaker for the footage.

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In other news that I couldn’t make up if I tried, according to Travel and Leisure Magazine, Charleston, SC was rated the #1 Most Attractive People in the America, and all I can say is…O_o. Hey, if people that travel to my hometown feel like Charleston is sexier than Miami, who I am to tell them any different. As stated by

This South Carolina city bumped off perennial winner Miami this year; have the good-looking people really migrated north? Charlestonians also score high for friendliness, rank second for their classic sense of style, and even make the top 10 for intelligence. To see if it’s all true, just stroll the streets of this quaint city, which also ranks No. 1 for its noteworthy neighborhoods.

Well, if they say so…that’s what’s up! Obviously their survey didn’t include North Charleston, which is a perennially one of the most dangerous cities in America, nor does the survey include women that wear their hair like this. But score one for the hometown. On the flipside, Memphis, TN was rated last in attractiveness and intelligence and I can’t help but laugh out loud at Memphis (sorry, Skewby). You can check the link below for the lists and reports, and excuse me as I bask in my Charleston sexiness. America’s Most and Least Attractive People

If anyone is wondering why I’m posting this black dude singing country music, you must not know that Darius Rucker is a musician from my hometown Charleston, South Carolina. He actually went to the University of South Carolina and started a band with some dudes back in 1986 called Hootie & The Blowfish. Hootie & The Blowfish went on to sell millions upon millions of albums (if this is news to you I don’t even know what to say right now). Hootie hasn’t put out an album since ’06, but Darius released an album in ’08, and that went platinum. But after selling all those albums, he didn’t have to do much else except sit on the beach and drink beer (not saying that’s what he did, but if I were him that’s what I would have been doing). Well dude haven’t put out an album since ’08, until yesterday when he released his new album called Charleston, SC 1966, titled after his birthplace and birth year.

Just hearing the title kinda sorta brings a tear to eye. It’s inspiring to see a dude from the same place that I’m from make it. And not just make it, I’m talkin’ muthaf#ckin’ HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH!! It doesn’t really get much bigger than that when it comes to music. And these are dudes right from my backyard. That’s just crazy to me. Especially to watch this “Come Back Song” video and see a nucca walking around my city, like “N*gga I’m from there!” That’s some dope sh!t.

Darius Rucker’s Charleston, SC 1966 is available on iTunes here.

This is news for all my Charleston, SC kinfolk back home. This Friday, March 19th, there’s a new hip-hop station launching in Charleston. For as long as I can remember, Z93 Jamz has been the only hip-hop and R&B station back home (I don’t know if there have been any other stations recently because I hardly ever go home), and after moving, listening to radio stations in cities like Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte and hell, even Columbia, SC, I must say Z93 Jamz is a pretty wack radio station. That’s not a shot at anyone, I’m just saying. Anyways, I hope this new station, 92.5 The Box, brings a much needed hip-hop and R&B radio presence (Lord knows my city needs it). Outside of the Ricky Smiley morning show, I don’t know who the jocks will be, but they can’t be any cornier than the ones that have been on Z93 for the last 10 years. So, for my Chucktown fam, let me know how the new station sounds when it launches on Friday.

Charleston Fashion Week is March 16-20. Don’t sleep on my home city. We get it in on the low.


I’d like to congratulate the College of Charleston Cougars men’s basketball team for their 82-79 victory over the No. 9 ranked UNC Tarheels last night back at the hometown. You know, when I graduated high school, attending the College of Charleston never ever crossed my mind. I think I just wanted to get the hell up outta Charleston as fast as I could. But I’ve always had love for the hometown college.

When I was off at undergrad I used to come back home and attend hella parties their, and me and my boys used to get it in. To be real, Charleston doesn’t have a whole lot of local dimes (I’m just sayin’), but the College of Charleston brings them to the city. So, I used to always tell my peeps to hit up C of C and pull some chicks, because there are a lot of quality women at the school…but they’re just kinda scared to talk to Charleston dudes because they think the locals are crazy. (I mean, nuccas do be rapping songs about “shoot da f*ck up right now” so I don’t blame them). But I actually dated this one girl that went to C of C for like a year, and I’ve had a couple other chicks that went there too, so I’ve done my work at the College of Charleston. (Wait, I’m supposed to be talking basketball, right? Damn, why do I always end up talking about women?).

Anyways, last night was a good game. I haven’t really been following C of C b-ball, but they usually have a solid team for that weak conference they play in, but I don’t think they’ve beaten anyone good in a real long time. So, congrats for the big win last night. Enjoy it fellas.

The full story is here. A video recap is after the jump if you missed it.

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This is probably big news for all my Charleston, South Carolina readers (to the rest of you, you might not be on the know with this one), but Charleston rapper Pachino Dino’s new album Hustlin’ and Head Bussin’ is in stores today. For those that don’t know, Pachino Dino jumped on the Charleston rap scene in 2002 with the release of his debut album Dummin Out, which featured songs like “Addicted To Murder,”"Drug Holda,” and “City Life.” I don’t have exact numbers, but the album sold stupid units for a indie artist from South Carolina. And many consider the album to be a South Carolina classic, and Pachino Dino to be in the upper echelon of SC rappers.

What adds to the Pachino Dino legacy is that after his album dropped, he was arrested and served four years for aggravated assault. Wait, I think it was aggravated assault, but it could have been something else, he told me what it was when I interviewed him a few years back, but I don’t quite remember. But the nucca was gonna do someone bad, which only made his music realer and his character that much more believable, which in turn drew people to his music.

Anyways, that was then, this is now. This new album features Spice 1, Koopsta Knicca (formerly of Three Six Mafia), Tre-8 (formerly of No Limit Records), Houston, TX rapper Point Blank, South Carolina rappers Piazo, Marly Mar, Double Crossa, P.Watts, and production by my dude Twin D, plus Big Hoov and Gotti Boy (who I’ve never heard of but, I’m sure their beats are cool).

Dino’s camp sent over a couple tracks from the album for me to leak, so you all can check out. So, if you’re digging these tracks, please purchase this album here or at your local record store.

Pachino Dino ft. Big Hoov – “Picture of Me”

Pachino Dino – “Ten Toes”

Shouts out to P. Watts, Twin D. and Malik Shaheed.







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