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August 23rd, 2010

Lottery Ticket, the movie starring Bow Wow, premiered this weekend and I saw it. Not that this type of coon movie is the kind of film I’d pay $10 to see on its opening weekend (wait, did ya’ll know movies are $10 a pop now?), but my 14-year-old nephew wanted to see it, so I bit the bullet and took the kid to the movies, instead of running the risk of him hanging out with wannabe gang bangers and becoming one of those fake Bloods…Big Uncle R.E. went to see Lottery Ticket.

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August 11th, 2010

It’s been a few days now since I saw Inception, and for the last couple days I’ve been trying to figure out how I would write a movie review for this. On one hand, Inception is probably the best movie I’ve seen since Belly (don’t front like Belly ain’t a hood masterpiece), but on the other hand I can’t explain this movie because I’m still kinda confused about what happened in it myself. And if I tried to explain it to ya’ll, I’d probably just confuse the hell outta ya’ll before you get a chance to see it. But I will say I really like this movie. I think I like this movie more than Twilight, and ya’ll know how much I fux with Twilight.

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Since everybody was making a big fuss about it, I went to see The Karate Kid, starring Will & Jada’s son, Jaden Smith, and Jackie Chan, in this remake of the 1984 Karate Kid classic. Will and Jada produced this movie, so you can see that you’re really keeping all the money in the family, and this kid Jaden is gonna be a star, like his daddy.

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Twenty minutes of Twilight is better than anything Tyler Perry ever did. I’m just saying… The world stops on June 30th.

Nothing else matters on June 30th.

December 26th, 2009


To be real with ya’ll, I didn’t know much of anything about this Avatar movie before it came out the other week. I mean, I had hear something about a James Cameron movie coming out, and since he only does masterpiece movies like Titanic, Terminator, Aliens, and ish like that, I figured it was gonna be kinda like a big deal. But I didn’t pay close enough attention to really know what it was about. So, when this Avatar movie dropped I didn’t know what the fux was going on, but I decided to go see if just based off the fact that everyone else was checking it out. And when it comes to movies, I’m pretty much a follower (but I’m a leader and trendsetter in all other aspects, so get off my back), and when I saw the first week box office numbers, I figured it would be in my best interests to check it out, or risk the chance of not being a “cool kid” this go around.

So, since I’m on Xmas vacay, I got to see it the other day. I had to convince a lil shawty to go with me. When I suggested a movie, she mentioned Princess & the Frog or some bullsh!t, but I had to let her know, she had me fuxed up and going to the movies was a see-Avatar-or-see-nothing situation. Yeah, that’s right who’s the man (ok, so I agreed to see Princess & the Frog on a later date, but don’t tell anyone).

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Why Did I Get Married? was one of the few Tyler Perry movies I actually thought was good. I might have to check part deux when it hits theaters. It’s not coming out until April 2010. (Why the fux did ya’ll send this trailer so early! *pumps fist in disgust*).

September 17th, 2009

Ya’ll already know how I feel about the Twilight movie. I can’t wait to see the sequel. “WHO’S COMING WITH ME?!?!” (c) Jerry Maguire.


I hope everyone had a great weekend, and that you’re ready for another fun filled week on your favorite blogger’s favorite blog, known to you all as The Block. I really didn’t do much this weekend, but I did finally see the movie Twilight. I heard about this movie last year when it came out, when my on-again-off-again ex-girl went to see it, and she made such a big deal about it that she went and bought the books the movie was based off.

Anyways, I wasn’t doing much yesterday, so I finally checked the movie out (almost a year later, I know), and the joint was fuxing awesome. For those that don’t know, Twilight is based off Stephanie Meyer novels about a teenage girl that moves to Oregon and falls in love with a vampire (which is right up my alley since I fuxs with True Blood). The main character in the story is Bella Swan, and shorty is such a rider, I was about to do a Searching For My Bella Swan, but I changed my mind. I mean, I know the plot sounds juvenile and kinda lame, and the movie does start off kinda slow but it picks up and gets dope.

I can’t tell you all much more about the movie without spoiling it, but I think if you haven’t seen it, you should go ahead and make that happen. The movie has been winning a lot of awards and getting a bunch of nominations this year, and rightfully so. Plus, the sequel comes out in November, and I’ma go watch it in the theater this time. Anyways, I’ma give this joint 4.5 chicken sandwiches. And just in case you still don’t know what the fux I’m talking about, the trailer for the first movie is after the jump, and I went ahead and posted the trailer for the sequel as well.

Movie Rating:


Trailers are under the hood.

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