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I saw the new issue of XXL Magazine in Kroger the other day, and since my subscription ran out a couple months ago, I was about to cop it. But then I looked and the mag had a $5.99 price tag on it, so I decided not to get it. Not to be frugal with my money but if you order a XXL subscription, you get 9 issues for $20 bucks, so it doesn’t make sense to buy one issue from the store for $6. Not to mention the magazine price went up a whole $1. It actually used to be $5 and I used to buy them out of the store all he time, no problem.

But there’s something about when a product or business inflates their price that really turns me off. I used to hit up American Deli all the time (don’t understand how it’s called American Deli, when all the people working there are Asian, but that’s neither here nor there), and there upped the price on all their combos by like a $1 and I don’t think I’ve been back there since…

Anyways, J. Cole was featured in the new XXL and it’s a good thing I held off on buying the magazine, because I can just read excerpts from his feature online.

J. Cole’s Cole World album drops on Tuesday, just to remind folks.

Hit the jump to check out photos and excerpts from Cole’s XXL interview.

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Cole Word. 9/27.

Cole World: The Sideline Story drops on September 27th.

J. Cole feat. Jay-Z – “Mr. Nice Watch”


*Updated to the dirty version.

People give J. Cole a hard time for not putting out an album yet since he’s been signed to Roc Nation for three years, but people fail to realize it takes time to build a following and prepare a new artist for a debut album. While I doubt J. Cole will come out doing Drake numbers when his debut finally does drop in a couple weeks, I do expect Cole World: The Sideline Story to be one of the best albums of 2011 and thus solidify Cole’s spot as one of the best new rappers in the game.

I mean, T.I. didn’t do number when he his first album, I’m Serious, came out. One album doesn’t make or break a career if it doesn’t sell. As long as it’s quality music, J. Cole’s talent can’t be denied.

And I’m not going to get into a whole spill about how he’s the best rapper the Carolinas have ever since (no, Petey Pablo). I’m just going to let that one hang…

But yeah, J. Cole’s “Cole World” tour is underway, and it’ll be stopping through Atlanta on Sunday, October 2nd. I don’t know where you all will be but I’ll be there.

Hit the jump for Cole’s Cosmic Kev freestyle over “Ima Boss” and “Otis.”

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This is a pretty cool J. Cole interview. Cole’s debut album is just a few weeks away. Cole World: The Sideline Story, 9/27.

J. Cole let loose of a couple tracks that won’t be on his album, for his Any Given Sunday series. Check them out down bottom. Cole World: The Sideline Story drops on September 27th.

J. Cole – “Neverland” (prod. Chase N Cashe & J. Cole)


-Some shit we did out in LA! Not on the album, but something you should have. Ride to it. Shout to my nigga Chase!

J. Cole – “Heavy” (prod. J. Cole)


-Did a lot of records in LA some months back. This is another one. Not album material, but its HEAVY.

A sneak peek at Cole’s “God’s Gift” track is in the cut.

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J. Cole’s album drops on 9/27.

I’m finally starting to get excited…

1. Intro
2. Dollar and a Dream III
3. Can’t Get Enough ft. Trey Songz
4. Lights Please
5. Interlude
6. Sideline Story
7. Mr. Nice Watch ft. Jay-Z
8. Cole World
9. In The Morning ft. Drake
10. Lost Ones
11. Nobody’s Perfect ft. Missy Elliot
12. Never Told (Prod. by No I.D.)
13. Rise and Shine
14. God’s Gift
15. Breakdown
16. Cheer Up

Bonus Tracks:
17. Nothing Lasts Forever
18. Work Out
19. Daddy’s Little Girl

There’s a track-by-track breakdown via Nah Right here.

Cole Wole: The Sideline Story drops on 9/27…finally.

Previously: J.Cole – “Work Out” (Video)

I was iffy about this “Work Out” song being J. Cole’s “official” first single. Even though I’m still iffy, it’s good to see they’re (meaning Roc Nation) is at least attempting to push the record in anticipation of debut album (dropping on September 27th). Anyways, peep the video.

I really hope this nucca doesn’t end up like Beanie Sigel…

Also, hit the jump, J. Cole did something on ustream to keep his Any Given Sunday series going.

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Sorry…I’ve been listening to Watch The Throne and didn’t feel like blogging….anyways, Jermaine released a few more songs for his Any Given Sunday series right in the middle of the WTT hype last night. Why would he ever do something like that? I guess I’ll finally give this tracks a listen now. If you decided to check it out, enjoy.

Download: J. Cole – Any Given Sunday 2

J. Cole’s commentary for these songs is posted in the cut.

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