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This joint is serious. Jus Nice’s Fressh mixtape drops on 4/21 at

Jus Nice – “Money Over Hoes” (prod. Cardo)


Jus Nice’s new mixtape, Fressh, drops on April 21st. This joint is kinda hard. Shouts out to Jah and the Fressh Boys.

Jus Nice feat. Q – “Living Proof”


As our State Of SC Hip Hop interview series continues, Tasha and I spoke with SC rapper and Lander University student Jus Nice on how he feels about the Carolina music scene. Jus is a couple mixtapes deep, with a pretty solid single out there and hella views on his last video, but the SC community in general doesn’t show the kid much love. We let him vent, but Jus is leagues ahead of most rappers out of the Palmetto state, so that SC love stuff shouldn’t even matter. At least I don’t think it should….

One more interview to go, and we’ll probably release that on Monday.

Interview: State of SC Hip Hop (Part 4): Featuring Jus Nice

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Technically today is Sunday but this track didn’t hit my inbox until Saturday night, so we’ll tag this as #SCSaturdays for theme purposes. Jus Nice’s #Fressh mixtape is coming soon.

Jus Nice feat. Jacole – “Hot Shit”


I usually don’t post up songs when rappers rhyme over someone else’s track, but I’ll make an exception for Jus Nice cause he’s the homie. Jus Nice is working on his next mixtape, Fressh, so you can expect that soon. And his “Do Ya Thing” video is doing big numbers on Youtube, sitting at about 44,000 views at the moment, so congrats to Jus (and Jah) for that too (Bank! what up).

Jus Nice – “Nice Be Killin Em”


Nice’s interview themicdvd is posted below.

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I gotta give it to that nucca Jus Nice…he be having the hoes promiscuous girls. “Do Ya Thing” was a big record for Jus last year, and we finally have a visual for the world to see. Check it out. Directed by BANK! (Shouts to Jah).

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Jus Nice is gonna release a new track every Friday leading up to the release of his new project in 2011. I know it’s not Friday, but just work with me. Damn, I’d give anything to be on South Beach right now. (What up, Jah).

Jus Nice – “Good Evening (South Beach)”


Shouts out to my dude KJ, who is probably the only blogger I know from back home that really goes hard everyday through his website and truly understands the power of the internet. And I secretly think he’s trying to force me to step my video game up, so I guess it’s about to for me to invest in a video camera, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways, here’s the H1gher Learning TV interview with the homie Jus Nice. I got hella respect for Jus Nice and his team. Just because I put his song up on Pump It or Dump It a long time ago, and I can honestly say I think he’s one of the few, if not the only artist that’s been featured on Pump It or Dump It that really went on to go hard. I’ve seen this dude’s grind and not only is the kid finishing up his college degree, he makes moves in the music business—new music, new mixtapes, traveling, doing shows, videos, you name it, he grinds. With that, I tip my hat to the young homie. Salute.

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