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A couple months ago, I told ya’ll this song was gonna be a problem. R. Kelly’s new album Untitled drops on October 13th.

Not flashing back too far this time. 2000. R. Kelly’s album.

And R.I.P. to my grandfather, he passed away Thursday night. He gave me my first taste of alcohol as a kid (a shot of moonshine at that), and didn’t teach me much else besides get drunk, get money, get on these hoes promiscuous girls and how to curse a nucca out. Which all turned out to be essential know how in my everyday adult life. Thanks, Pop. R.I.P. I’ll pour out some liquor for you, and “kiss dem women” like you told me.

Bonus FBF Video: R. Kelly & Public Announcement – Slow Dance


I said this on Twitter yesterday, but I’ll say it again. I try not to fux with R. Kelly’s, but then he drops a banger and I forget all about when he pissed on that lil girl (I mean, I know he was found not guilty but lets be real, ya’ll saw the tape, that was that nucca). This has been going on from quite some time now. You wanna be mad at Kells, but he keeping dropping hit after hit after hit, and you’re like “fux it, that nucca be snappin!” Well, that’s my reaction.

I can’t lie. I think 12 Play was the first CD I used to have sex too. That was back in high school (keep in mind I started in middle school). I think I used to beat this chick down to 12 Play so good, I let her borrow it and I never saw it again. At the time it never dawned on me that she might actually be borrowing the CD to have sex to it with someone else. Well, I ended up buying a new copy, so I guess it’s not a big deal anymore. was another one of my favorite sex CDs. When that first song came on, and that sh!t goes, “HIT IT HARD FROM THE BACK,” man, my girl used to know she was about to get the bizness. I say all that to say, that nucca R. Kelly might be a fuxing perv, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s a musical genius, especially when get comes to that bedroom music [II]. Now, I did think that he was losing it around this time, but this new song proves to me that he still got it. Got me thinking back to my “Number One” sex. (Man, I should call her).

Anyways, “Number One” is a banger. Trey Songz can holler and scream all he wants, but until you drop a single like this and have classic records under your belt, you’re no R. Kelly, junior. Oh, and Keri Hilson, what’s up, baby. I see you. Call twitter me.

R. Kelly ft. Keri Hilson – “Number One” (Tags)



I’m not sure why Trey Songz is going at R. Kelly over “Death of Autotune,” but he is. I guess Songz feels some kind of way about being compared to R. Kelly all the time. I mean, he does kinda sound like him at times. And his songs do kinda have an R. Kelly vibe to them. Sh!t, when Trey Songz first came out and he did that husband version for “Trapped In The Closet”, I swore it was Kelly. You can’t really be mad, Trey. Now, if they were comparing you to Sisqo, now that’s something to be pissed about.

Trey Songz – “Death of Kellz Autotune (R. Kelly Diss)”

Oh yeah, Trey Songz will be in Columbia, SC this Friday at Club Level. This is another Daytona (and Randy) exclusive, brought to you by 100.1 The Beat. (Yep, shameless plug).

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This might be the most random mixtape I’ve seen in weeks. An R. Kelly Gangsta Grillz???? Ooooooookay. If any of ya’ll still fux with Chester, the download link is below.

Mixtape Download: R. Kelly, DJ Drama & DJ Skee – The Demo Tape

Tracklist is down below.

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This is obvious an old Lil Ru and Collardgreen track, but Headhunter Records just sent this over, so I’m gonna go ahead and post it up.








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