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Earlier today Young Jeezy released this video basically announcing that he’d be releasing a new mixtape in the next few weeks. He didn’t actually say it, but The Real Is Back 2 appears to be on the way, and I for one don’t know what the hell Jeezy is thinking…

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I’m about 24 hours late with this, but Young Jeezy had a show last night in NYC for the 6th anniversary release of his debut album TM101. They actually live streamed the show, but I didn’t know about last night, but if you’re interested you can still replay the show above.

From what I heard it was a dope show, and Jeezy brought out Jay-Z, Kanye, the Lox and some other folks too, so it’s probably worth a watch if you’re not really doing anything else.

Oh, and during the show Jeezy announced the release date for TM103…9/20.

Jeezy finally made a single worth listening to more than once. TM103 might be finally coming out.

Young Jeezy – “Shake Life”


Judgement Day for Young Jeezy is today. If everyone else, we have til October 21st. Enjoy.

Mixtape Download: Young Jeezy & DJ Drama – The Real Is Back

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I guess this is what Gangsta Gibbs’ music is gonna sound like now that he’s with Jeezy’s team. Gibbs can’t save CTE by himself though…you Jeezy fans (this means you Nanci).

Freddie Gibbs feat. Young Jeezy – “Stripes (Run D MC)”


I didn’t post up the latest episode of Where Is Hip Hop? with my girl Nanci O, so I’ll have to post two episodes today. In Episode 78 (above) me and Nanci talk about Big K.R.I.T. and his Return of 4eva masterpiece. Then for Episode 79 (below), I try to convince Nanci that Jeezy and CTE are finished as a staff, record label and as a muthaf@ckin’ crew (and I don’t care if they did sign Freddie Gibbs). Nanci wasn’t trying to hear me though (you know she’s Young Jeezy’s #1 fan).

Jeezy’s still trying to build some momentum, so he can finally get that TM 103 album out. What yall think about this one? If Weezy can’t save him, I don’t know who can.

Young Jeezy feat. Lil Wayne – “Ballin”


Jeezy dropped another mixtape with his goons the other day, but I neglected to post it. I’m actually probably not going to listen to it either, just because I’m becoming less and less interested in Jeezy’s music, the longer we sit and wait for TM103. I don’t want to hear another Jeezy mixtape, especially with his less talented band of thugs on every song (no Slick Pulla though, I dig Pulla’s music). I’m posting this cause I know quite a few of you still rock with Jeezy and will still download it. Let me know if it’s any good. I might check it out later.

Also, Gucci Mane put out a mixtape with his Bricksquad crew this weekend. I just find it odd and somewhat funny that the same weekend that Jeezy puts out a mixtape with his crew, Gucci comes right behind him and does the same exact thing. Gucci probably did that on purpose. (Yall know how these nuccas be). But I absolutely refuse to dedicate a whole nother post to the Gucci Mane & Bricksquad mixtape, so I linked that below too, if you guys want it. Enjoy.

Download: USDA – CTE Or Nothing

Download: Gucci Mane x Brick Squad x DJ Holiday – Bricksquad Mafia (Mixtape)

I don’t know if people really like Jeezy anymore, but here’s a new Jeezy video regardless.

I hope Jeezy gets his sh!t together this year and finally puts out TM103. This is a pretty good start. Directed by Decatur Dan.